Ernestine van de Pol is a Universal Channel from Earth Mother and Great Mother, the Universe, Ancient Onces, guides etc. She uses Sacred Sounds to let you remember your connection with Nature, so you can express your essence as a gift to the world.

Through the years she transformed herself from a citygirl to an Earthkeeper. The cause of many fysical en emotional problems was the lack of being able to use her sensitivity as a gift. As a teenager she started with personal development to take responsibility for her own Health and Welness. Aligment with Source/Nature by streaming Sacred Sounds is a solution that works for her.

photographer: Maurice Spees

photographer: Maurice Spees

Ernestine loves to share the Sacred Sounds so you can align yourself to the universal rhythms of live. Your are being supported and guided. It opens the deeper layers of energy and consciousness in your cells and it opens your connection to the greater field of oneness. In this place there is love and peace.

May you honour your True Nature, Cocreate with it and honour Nature around you.

The Sacred Sounds give acces to other dimensions. In this stream souls who want to be born, find it more easily to communicate with there parents in spe (even befor conception). Everything is connected, so are you with those souls. They also guide you, to live in peace and to be pure.

From 15 september till 22 september she joins Maurice Spees with his Creative Vision Exploration Retraite to develop more of her intuitive communication with Nature and get Life answers straight from the source of wisdom. So she can add this to her gift to the world. Read here more about this retraite.

Listen on Soundcloud to her audio fragments.

If you want to know more, please contact her at

The name “ViaKlank” refers to “Sounds as a channel” in Dutch.

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